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Get cooking with spices and seasonings from Red Club!

Feeling adventurous? Create your own flavour combinations with our herbs and spices, or trust our seasoning blends to deliver mouth watering experiences, effortlessly. Which ever route you take, your taste buds will thank you.

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Well hello there!

Meet one of our newest blends... Everything Bagel. This little slice of perfection is great…on everything! It adds just the right amount of flavour and crunch. Sprinkle over soups, salads, avocado, eggs and pasta. Add to humous for a little spin on a beloved dip. And for you baking lovers, sprinkle over your bread dough for an artisan flair. The possibilities are endless.

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Good food is always in style.

And speaking of style, Red Club has gone through a makeover. New bold design. Same great resealable stand-up pouches to keep your spices and herbs fresh and flavourable.

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Get Shakin’

Our shakers are available in 8 oz and 14 oz bottles… and boy, do they pack a punch. They’re the perfect go-to seasonings for vegetables, fish, chicken, steak, pasta, and tofu.

Get Bakin’

Looking for specialty baking products? Our product line includes Mahlepi (whole & ground), and Mastiha (whole & ground)… and other baking essentials like Vanilla Powder and Ammonium Carbonate. Ask for them at your local grocer.

Get Creative

We love experimenting with spices and seasonings, and our resident foodies have made quite a few welcome and surprising discoveries. We’ll be sharing some of our recipes with you… soon.